Since 2002

 Since 2002
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Office Hours Our office hours are Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. and Friday, 8:00 a.m.-12 p.m.  Our office is closed on all Holidays and between Christmas Eve and New Years Day and for most other holidays.
Installations Primarily Tuesday through Saturday.  We strive to install all orders received during office hours on the next installation day in our Primary Service Area.  There will be no installation service on all Holidays, on Saturdays preceding Monday Holidays, and between Christmas Eve and New Years Day.
Service Area Primary--West of Central Avenue, South of Happy Valley, Road, East of Cotton Lane, and North of Baseline Road.
Out-of-Area—Beyond Primary Service Area.  We will install your post installation requests outside of our Primary Service Area with our same great service as time and resources permit.
Removals Please let the homeowner know we will be removing the post.  Instruct the homeowner to leave post in place so it is easy to locate and the post hole can be properly filled.  We try to handle your removal requests promptly but they cannot always be handled next day.
Requests We prefer you use our website to request post installations or removals.  However, you are welcome to call or fax us to request post installations or removals.  In any case, we will need the following Company Information:  Name, Agent Name, Billing Address, and Phone Number and the following Post Installation Information:  Address, Major Cross Streets, and Special Instructions.
Post Placement Unless specified by special instructions, our installers will use their best judgment in placing your posts.  It is the agent’s responsibility to communicate any rules, regulations or preferences regarding post installation on any property or at any location a post installation is requested prior to installation.  An additional charge will be necessary for moving any post after initial installation.
Signs We can hold your signs and hang them or you can leave them at the property for us to hang at no additional charge.  For us to hold your signs, we prefer that you provide us at least an inventory of 10 signs.  Sorry, we cannot hold or be responsible for riders, flyer boxes, info tubes, or any other items.
Invoices Invoices are a courtesy.  All payments are due upon receipt of your invoice or no more than 30 days after installation of your post(s).  All accounts past due are subject to late fees and immediate removal of all posts.
Post List For a listing of your installed posts, please let us know and we’ll provide one promptly.


Post Installation
& Removal
$31.95 Primary Service Area.  Includes post installation for up to four months and removal (at no extra cost) in the Primary Service Area (W of Central Ave, S of Happy Valley Rd, N of Baseline Rd and E of Cotton Ln).
$37.95 Area 1.  Includes post installation for up to four months and removal in Area 1 (E of Central Ave, S of Happy Valley Rd, N of Baseline Rd, and W of Scottsdale Rd).
$2 Off Primary Service Area and Area 1 installations request through
Call Out-of Area Service.  We do service outside of our Primary Service Area.  Call for prices and availability.
Extended Use $13.95 A fee will be incurred for extending the use of the post after every four month period.  The post will be removed if the extended use fee remains unpaid at four months.
Trip Charge $23.95 For any trip in our Primary Service Area other than installation or removal of a post, a trip charge will be assessed.  This includes additional trips to recover posts which cannot be found during the initial removal trip or post which are damaged because of improperly secured signs.  The fee will be higher for Out-of-Area Trip Charges.
Resetting Posts $27.95 A fee will be incurred for moving or resetting ANY post that has already been placed.  The fee will be higher for resetting a post which is Out-of-Area.
Broken or Missing
Post Replacement
$59.95 The agent is responsible for our posts after we place it at the location you have requested.  A replacement fee will be charged for ANY broken or missing post.  The best way to prevent missing posts is to notify us promptly when the post is no longer needed.
Other Services Call Flyer box rentals ($5.95) are available for a reasonable price.  Other services are available as well.  Call for our current services and prices if you are interested.


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