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 Since 2002
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  • Our office is open Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, and Friday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.  Our office is closed on holidays and between Christmas Eve and New Years Day.
  • We install posts Tuesday through Saturday, and occasionally Sunday and/or Monday.  Our installers can start as early as 4:30 am and can install posts as late as 8:00 pm.
  • There will be no installation service on holidays, on Saturdays preceding Monday holidays, and between Christmas Eve and New Years Day.  Although we strive to complete all our orders on the next day, we cannot always do so.
  • Our Primary Service Area is bounded by Happy Valley Road to the North, Cotton Lane to the West, Baseline Road to the South, and Central Avenue to the East.  For posts outside of this area, call for pricing and service availability.
  • Tax will be included on all rented and sold items.


  • Due to the nature of the business, we cannot guarantee a time that your post will be installed on a given day.  Although we strive to complete each installation as promptly as possible, please do not guarantee a next-day installation to a homeowner as we cannot guarantee next-day installations.  If a next-day post installation is required, please call us and we will let you know of the possibility of such a request.
  • We will email you after your post is installed provided you have the correct email information on your request form.
  • It is always recommended that you mark the ground for post placement.
  • You agree to go check the post upon installation.  We will guarantee the post for seven days.  If the post has fallen or is leaning because of improper installation by our installers, we will resolve the problem at no charge.
  • If we do not put the post in the correct location that you indicated on the installation request form then we will move the post to the correct location as long as it is within a seven day period at no charge.
  • If the post has been pulled out and has to be reinstalled, even if it is within the seven day period, the agent will be charged to reinstall the post.
  • After the initial seven day period, it the agent’s responsibility to maintain the post.  Quality Posts, LLC cannot and does not control what happens to the posts once it has been installed.  There are many circumstances that can arise.  These include but are not limited to extreme weather; homeowner removal of a post; excessive watering; people pulling at the post; or large signs or excessive riders which put too much weight on the post.  Remember, posts are installed under the assumption that they will be at a location temporarily.  Because of this, the post will tend to lean and possibly deteriorate in other ways as time passes.
  • It is the agent’s responsibility to check city and HOA regulations.  If a fine is assessed by any HOA, municipality, or other entity because agent has not properly notified us regarding laws, rules, or regulations, the fine will be forwarded to the agent for resolution.
  • It is the agent’s responsibility to make sure the property is blue staked for underground utilities before we arrive.  Go to to make this arrangement.  If you do not to use this service, we are not liable for any utility damage to cable, gas, phone or electrical lines. Any repair bill that is given to us will be forwarded to the agent for resolution.
  • To avoid damage to irrigation systems, utilities, or anything else that we cannot foresee under the ground, we strongly suggest the agent marks the exact location for post placement.  If not specified when the order is placed, the installer will use their best judgment as to where to place the post.  If the agent, homeowner or HOA does not approve of the placement, a reinstall charge plus applicable out of area fees, will be assessed to move the post.
  • If you are concerned about the possibility of damage to irrigation lines, please mark the property prior to us installing your post as we do not know where the underground irrigation lines run.  Quality Posts, LLC will make simple repairs (½ hour or less in time) to irrigation lines which have been damaged by the post or during the installation process at no charge.  However, it is the agent’s responsibility to make sure we avoid any major problems by properly marking the property with the homeowner if any extensive damage (more than ½ hour in time) is a possibility due to Quality Posts, LLC installing a post.
  • Quality Posts, LLC will not reimburse any homeowner or agent who choose to repair irrigation lines before we assess the damage and have the opportunity repair it ourselves.  We are not responsible for any damage, such as loss of plants, as a result of broken irrigation lines. Please allow 72 business hours for us to go to the property and fix any minor damage to irrigation lines.   Again, if you are concerned about irrigation line damage, please mark the location you would like the post placed before we arrive so the problem is avoided.
  • Quality Posts, LLC will not pay for any irrigation line damage.  We will make simple repairs (30 mins or less) only.  Any damage beyond a simple repair is the responsibility of the agent.  Again, if you are concerned about the possibility of irrigation line damage beyond a simple repair, you should have the homeowner mark the exact location for post placement to avoid such damage.
  • It is very difficult and time consuming to contact homeowners.  If an appointment is needed or we are asked to consult with a homeowner, there will be an additional charge to meet the agent or the homeowner at the property.
  • Placing a post on land without a structure or an address can be very difficult for our installers to find.  Thus, the location for the post must be clearly marked on the property before we will install the post.  If you must meet the driver, an additional charge will be assessed.
  • Accurate directions are very critical for our installers.  For both installs and removals, you must provide us with accurate and detailed directions from two major cross streets.  If you have given us incorrect information such as an erroneous house number, incorrect directions, or wrong streets and we install at the wrong property, you will be assessed an installation charge.  When we go back and install the post at the correct property, you will again be assessed an installation fee.
  • Any request without directions from two major cross streets can be assessed an address look-up fee.
  • If the property is in a gated community, you must provide us gate code.  If we are unable to enter a gated community, the agent will be charged a trip charge
  • It is the agent’s responsibility to have checked the property before we go to make sure the house number is visible and accurately recorded on the installation or removal request.  DO NOT rely on tax records.  We need the number that is on the house.  If a number is not on the house then an accurate description of the house must be provided.
  • If any individual at a property takes aggressive action, verbally assaults an installer, or refuses the post, the installer will immediately leave the property and a trip charge, at minimum, will be assessed.  If the installer has commenced the installation process, an install charge will be assessed.
  • Through your order, we assume you have received permission from the homeowner to install a post.  We will not install posts behind backyard walls or fences.  If anyone at the property refuses to allow us to install the post, you will still be assessed a full installation fee.  We will not argue on your behalf to allow installation of the post.
  • The post is to remain at the property in which it was originally installed.  If an agent removes the post and takes it to another location, a full installation charge will be assessed for a post at the new property.  We will not be responsible for any damages while the post is at the new property or when it is being removed from the old property.
  • You have one free removal.  Please inform the occupants NOT to remove the posts.  A trip charge will be charged if we go back a second time because the post was not accessible to us on our first trip. We will not search a backyard or behind walls or fences for posts nor will we ring the doorbell in an attempt to retrieve the post; the post must be accessible and visible.  If any items are damaged or missing, the agent will be assessed for the damaged or lost items.
  • We try to handle your removal requests promptly but, unfortunately, we cannot promise next-day removal of any post. 


  • As a courtesy to our customers, we are able to hold your 18x24 signs, as long as you give us 10 or more signs, free of charge. We are unable to hold riders, flyer boxes or anything besides the 18x24 signs. We are not responsible for any damaged, stolen or lost signs.
  • As a courtesy to our customers, we will hang your sign and any riders attached to them at no charge if you leave them at the property and clearly notate it on your request form.
  • There will be a charge to hang riders not attached to signs or flyer boxes.  We are not responsible for any damages.  You are welcome to attach your flyer boxes to any of our posts.
  • The agent understands that all items from Quality Posts, LLC are rented items.  You will be charged for ALL missing items according to current pricing.
  • Our installers work very hard.  They often work in extreme conditions.  We understand the frustration errors, such as placing a sign incorrectly, improperly installing a post and other possible human mistakes, can create.  We will correct problems as promptly as possible.
  • We offer online ordering to our customers. No personal information is uploaded to the website.  You can also call us with request information.
  • If you are not contacted for installs you are anticipating then that means your request has not been received by us and action has not been taken. We do not confirm removals.
  • It is the agent’s responsibility to monitor their posts.  We can send you a report of all the posts you have up with us if you request it.  Please allow ample time to create the report.
  • It is the agent's responsibility to monitor their account and properties.  If any posts are not called down and the post and other items are missing or damaged, you will be charged for each missing or damaged item.
  • All accounts must have a credit card on file. We may bill on your account anytime after your request is received.  If we cannot process your payment with your credit card on file, a service fee will be assessed.
  • If for some reason you do not have a credit card on file, payment is due immediately upon receipt of your invoice.  If an account is unpaid after 15 days post(s) from the invoice date a late fee will be assessed. 
  • We may make special billing arrangements for high volume offices.  All high volume offices are responsible for their agent’s posts.  If an agent has not called down a post and it is missing, the office will be charged for the missing posts.
  • Posts must be extended periodically. Extensions are automatically applied to your credit card.  There are no credits if the extension has already been charged because the realtor failed to remove it by the specified extension date.  Posts that remain unpaid, for whatever reason, by the extension date will be removed.
  • The terms and pricing can change at any time.  By turning in your request for a post, you are agreeing that you know and understand our current customer agreement.  Please call our office or check our website for the current customer agreement.
  • All current prices can be found in our Services section under Pricing Information.
  • Quality Posts, LLC reserves the right to remove any post, at any time, for any reason.
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