Since 2002

 Since 2002
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About Us

Quality Posts started in 2002. It became Quality Posts, LLC in 2006. During that time, we have placed ten’s of thousands of posts for agents primarily in the west valley. We have served everyone from large offices with hundreds of agents to new, independent realtors with their first listing. Although our primary market has been in the west valley, our expansion plans include broadening our service to include the east valley and, eventually, to the southeast valley.

Our posts are made of wood and are of high quality. The expectations we have for our installers are extremely high. Our installers have included retired military personnel, successful business owners that have sold their businesses, and high achieving students among many other successful individuals. We look for and expect only the best and then we do our best to retain them by treating them as we would like to be treated.

Our goal is to make you look good as a realtor. We consider ourselves a partner in your real estate business. As partners, we strive to work together to create a mutually beneficial relationship. We are complete professionals in the manner in which we conduct business especially while ‘in the field’ completing our customer’s requests.

About the Owner

Paul and Connie Mohammed own Quality Posts, LLC. They started the business in 2002. As self-described work-a-holics, they formed this stay-at-home business to spend more time with their family and to work outside of the corporate sphere.

Paul worked in the credit card industry for fifteen years. He was intimately involved with operations as customer service director for large inbound call centers. Through this experience, he learned some valuable customer service doctrines. Paul attended the University of Utah where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Master of Business Administration degrees. He has served as a volunteer in many capacities including on the Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, and President of Litchfield Park Little League, among many other volunteer activities.

Connie has been apart of the real estate and mortgage industries. She purchased her first rental property in her early twenties and has been intimately involved in real estate ever since. She continues to handle family rental properties in Salt Lake City and Phoenix. She attended Salt Lake Community College and earned an associates degree. Connie has been Paul’s sidekick and main supporter in the volunteer activities in which they have been involved.

Paul and Connie have two kids, Anthony and Adriana. Additionally, Miley and Kona, two rescue dogs, are an integral part of the family.

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